Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks. Do what you have to do for you.
— J.Depp


"You know there is this innocence and soft beauty about Julienne and her look, but there is also this element of mystery, sensuality and danger in her eyes... that can't exactly be described... and as soon as you would buy into her smile, while making eye contact with her, you would feel a mixture of conflicting emotions." - Wolf

"A rich tapestry of enigmatic persona." - Bootsy

Julienne de Leon

Born in Olongapo, Philippines and raised in Virginia and southern California, Julienne de Leon began showing artistic traits since childhood, one of her major experiences at a young age was performing an acting role for a Little Red Riding Hood orchestra play in Washington D.C. Throughout school she was involved in the art and poetry club, her works being recognized, published and purchased. She also competed and won many contests not only in art but trivial and athletic competitions which displayed her enthusiasm in life and helped pave the way throughout her journey.

Her wide range of talents led her to modeling and acting which began in southern California and attracted her to the Hollywood industry. She studied acting and landed appearances in music videos and movies. Julienne then relocated to Las Vegas and continued her pursuit in the entertainment industry while studying design. Since then she's been internationally published, travels through the national auto circuit, campaigned for swimwear, skincare lines and casinos, currently a Jaguar spokesperson, and as she flourishes into a young woman she continues to refine her creativity.

As a poet once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Art is also modeling too. With her unique look, Julienne finds herself taking on challenges whether it be in a photoshoot, on-camera work or special event. Her diversity is expressed through publications, campaigns, runway, video productions, acting, spokesmodeling, events and tradeshows.




32B, 24, 34

Height 5'7.5

Weight 115

Hair Currently Black

Eyes Brown 

Dress 2

Shoe 7


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