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I’m a former party pit Las Vegas blackjack dealer. An OG from the infamous Hell’s Belles pit at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino from its inception in ‘08-’10. After taking a hiatus I took my skills to Marquee day club inside the Cosmopolitan for a couple summer seasons, where I got to experience some of the best known DJ’s playing at the pool while I dealt. Since then I’ve gotten hired to train and deal casino games at special events and conventions. I also know poker, roulette, baccarat etc..

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Cars Cars Cars...

I used to frequent auto shows when I was little.. it's funny how I work at auto shows now. Life is funny. It tends to repeat what you're accustomed to. I've always appreciated the novelty of cars, especially the ones you'd find at Concourse events, they typically showcase artistic or classic cars. I prefer something noncomforming as standard bores me and always has. Here are some photos of me as decoration for the Mazda MX-5 and as a product specialist for Jaguar and Land Rover where I actually talk and use my brain.


Vegas Life...

Being a Vegas model I get easy access to events, get invited or get to work playing dress up. While I can be frequently exposed to the craziest parties with people spraying champagne on each other from across the room, I also partake in elegant corporate parties with live music or exclusive social functions with an A-List of celebrities and high-end clientele. 

It's been an incessant run of party lifestyle living, while I can be jaded every now and then, I remember to be grateful and enjoy life's easy pleasures. I'm sure many would kill to get the type of opportunities and gigs I'm offered.

We help create events that bring art, fashion and style to life for people who aren't as exposed as we are. As a prop, model, creator or image maker, we define today's creative culture.

I celebrate events! Find some of my work here:

Bye bye red...

...In order to be booked as an Asian I need to look like an Asian... so long red... No fun colored contacts either.. My heart hurts a bit but it's back to my natural look. Back to black. I'll give myself a sleek look ;)

It's That Time of the Year Again...

..And no I'm not talking about Christmas, even though it is just around the corner! It's the week in Las Vegas where car enthusiasts fly from all parts of the world to celebrate the automotive industry and congest our streets with burnout sessions and traffic. As an incentive, SEMA of course throws in models and after parties! It was a fun-filled week working with clients at Nitto Tire and going out to nightclubs to celebrate with Gran Turismo and SEMA tourists. I was definitely exhausted but I kept a smile on my face as I always try to do! Catch me doing more events in the auto circuit, as I'll be on the track with Mazda at the LV Speedway and demonstrating for Dodge Viper at the LA Auto Show! Follow my adventures on Instagram @Julienne_de_Leon


Life is One Long Weekend...

The Tommy Bahama brand has a message that we all can learn from; relax and make life one long weekend! This was the message conveyed to the audience as they watched us on the runway struttin' the latest lifestyle apparel. They needed a mixed group of models to appeal to the traveling consumers and an islander girl, which is where I came in. I appealed to the Asian, Hawaiian and Californian crowd. Tommy Bahama gave me the opening set for the casual wear look, the second look was swimwear and the third was evening wear. The Grand Finale was me and my pretend husband closing with Tommy Bahama's new wedding line! It was a fun production filled with humor (as we had to act out fun scenes), announcers, Polynesian Dancers and drummers. It was an honor to be involved with a great team and to be in a room filled with lovely Hawaiian decor!

I Chopped It!

...So got bored and wanted a change so chopped my hair and will be playing around with different variations of red. Sometimes it'll be a red brown, burgundy brown or dark red. I discovered semi-permanent hair dye for the in-between color to keep it looking fresh since red is a bit difficult to maintain on my dark hair, and not to mention my bathtub will very frequently look like a murder scene! If bookings need me to have my long locks again, I can always get clip-on extensions and I also currently own a ponytail that I actually just wore the other day for an event. Might I say it's so refreshing to have short hair though! Easier to style and less time consuming!! xoxo

Lighting was perfect for these pics! No filter just meeeeee... and yes I like to wear green contacts sometimes too.

Lighting was perfect for these pics! No filter just meeeeee... and yes I like to wear green contacts sometimes too.

Life's a Party!

It was pretty cool immersing myself in an environment tucked away from the world... I'm always surrounded by luxury so it's nice to go off the beaten path and get a lil' dirty once in a while, not to mention meet people from all walks of life and create friendships. Those are the perks of being a model, to create or book fun jobs for myself and promote for national or international companies. In this case, me and other models worked under MadVapes, the largest vape shop company, as their promotional models.

Sturgis, in South Dakota is a town full of quiet flat plains yet the loudest and largest bike rally in the world takes it over annually. They create a world that's like Burning Man meets Mad Max! Pretty surreal especially coming from a world like mine, with incessant EDM, raver girls in their flowery headdresses and tutus, champagne presentations from dolled up waitresses and in the case of lounge and dinner settings, people dressed to the nines. I work at a day club P/T by the way on the Vegas strip, so I'm always in a party atmosphere. Come to think about it, my life is pretty surreal too but it's still night and day from Sturgis. It was interesting to be in a grungy rock atmosphere (as I consider myself a pretty classy girl) and spot some apocalyptic style, Mardi Gras and of course biker fashion. We were fortunately with an amazing management and team that took care of us so us MadVapes spokesmodels were a lucky bunch with a luxury RV, BBQ setup, rooftop party decks, nightly VIP lounge deck which overlooked the amphitheater and its rock Gods. We had an experience like no other, as it was exciting to see the variously decked out choppers and bikes. And if you had no bike, then a golf cart lol. It was still transportation to say the least, and it helped us to roam around the massive campground while demonstrating our vape hardware and liquids. After each concert, you can hear the revving of the engines instead of people clapping too. I personally love the sounds of engines, so it was music to my ears.

There were some adventures we encountered as well such as parties hidden in campgrounds, meeting the Gibson guitar guys and handing out guitars from the main stage in front of 1 million people, playing music and singing songs inside RV's, zip lining, running through the mud after being attacked by hail through a Godsmack concert etc! Making memories such as these with great people always makes life fun as life should be something to cherish and to create special moments we can vicariously live through.

Make sure to check out the amazing MadVapes at and their specialty liquids - proceeds go to our troops so please support if you vape! Honestly, I think everyone who smokes cigs should quit and turn to vaping. No pollution, better health and you won't stink everyone around you!

Subjectification vs. Objectification

I'm appreciative of the business I'm in, because it's a creative outlet and it is admirable when you see someone who has embraced their brand and continues to push work for themselves. This market is extensive and projects can also be fun, and when you expose yourself to new bookings and diverse people it helps build your character. Yet what I'm not appreciative of is when someone turns around a professional job as something sexual. It's not what I ask for especially when I handle myself in a professional manner in a professional environment. It's a sad aspect when all I'm trying to do is network and grow. Yes, I know sex sells, and my photos can be risqué which may perhaps be the cause of someone to react a certain way, but it's all to show my versatility, body form, art and beauty. However, I feel my photos in general show an intelligence which should be respected because I've played around with a variety of poses and with each shoot makes me more confident in my demeanor and for that I'm grateful because I used to get severe anxiety around people. Whether at a photoshoot or not, I (we) shouldn't tolerate unacceptable behavior in a world that already seems to objectify women. I oppose to being treated as an object where men feel they can get something, rather than seeing me in a role of relational interplay.

I'll always take compliments with grace, but not looking to support this hookup culture that we already have.

Dark Beauty Photoshoot

The look in her eyes was fierce yet conflicted

Battled with hope and despair

Yet maintaining a sense of elegance

Evening wear reminds her of sensuality and youth

Yet youth slowly dissipates

She feels it profoundly

In her mind it’s running so fast

She longs to hold on to it for as long as she can

Her eyes yearn and plead

Her innocence is gone. 


~Julienne de Leon

Chevy Camaro Photoshoot

It was a hot night in downtown Las Vegas, literally 107 degrees, but regardless, I had fun and had the pleasure of working with a great team of local models and production crew from San Fran for the Chevy Camaro shoot!

It was to showcase their new 2014 model and we were chosen to play couples and attract a young and hip demographic. The first look was hippie-ish and our second look was evening wear but with an edge. The stylist dressed me in a striped club-dress but with ankle shoes and bracelet cuffs to give it some funk. Love doing shoots like this I can’t wait for more!

Mayweather and Maidana Fight Night

It was my first time working a big fight… It’s always the talk of the town whenever a big fight takes place in Las Vegas. Mayweather and Maidana were going head to head this weekend and the MGM was full of energy. I was hired by one of the fight’s sponsors JP Wiser Whiskey. We took photos in front of a green screen and I was also shown live on TV with Chris Maathuis on the local 8 News Now Network. Congrats to Floyd again! Now to only see Pacquiao and Mayweather… (Pacquiao all the way!)

Eleece Beauty and Skincare

I’m excited to be one of the spokesmodels for Eleece, a popular beauty and skincare line, along with Krista White from America’s Next Top Model and Randalene Sergent, fitness model and coach. We wrapped up a video shoot not to long ago and yesterday I had my first shoot for their website and media.

I’m loving their new product which is a hydrating face mask as I normally do a beauty regime of whipped avocado with a splash of lemon as a mask, considering I live in a dry weather climate, but the process is long and can get messy. I’m so grateful that Eleece picked me as part of their team because I get access to a skincare line that is clean, convenient, quick and tolerant to my sensitive skin type. I’m not just saying this because I help promote, but I know this line of skincare is effective for everyone! I’ve seen people with various skin types use this product over and over again and rave about how the next day they look refreshed and dewey. We all want to age gracefully like fine wine and if there’s a product that offers more than a one month facial at a day spa yet much more cost effective, then obviously Eleece is your option.

Make sure to visit my site and save 15% by using my coupon code: YOUTH ...And stay tuned for more products coming as we expand nationally!


I enjoy working fun conventions, especially the big ones that attract a mass amount of business people from all over the world. CES, the Consumer’s Electronic Show, is one of them. I love getting the chance to meet inventors and brilliant minds. It’s refreshing coming from a city that is the most self-absorbed by far. Meeting outsiders who are intelligent, passionate about earning their money and sincerely humble makes me want to do more traveling and move out of this place.

Being surrounded with business savvy people motivates me and the more convention work I do the sharper my sales skills become, I’ve even had companies offer me positions within their company. I personally like to develop myself in all aspects to be well-rounded, I believe hard work builds character and I don’t like to limit myself. Anyway, I made my 3 work day at CES a fun one… I was with one of my girlfriends Diem, and we rotated at different areas of our company – ZTE’s booth, showcasing its designs, games and upcoming products. I think our booth was the most entertaining, we had various performers and talent, a basketball legend and endless food and drinks! Towards the end of the show, Diem and I ended up posing in front of a Benz, with a voice-activated ZTE product. We quickly attracted onlookers and it turned out to be our own show! It was like CES turned SEMA hehe…

Raw Humanity

The way we do things, the turns we succeed

saying one thing…

meaning the other…

in our heads we uncover…

the true outlook in things.

Our voices heard aloud is like a deafening split

with forceful shrills knocking on vulgar smiles

it’s creating a cosmic difference within.

having words wheel to the unthinkingly surroundings

like clouds filling the innocent blue sky

traveling through one ear…

and not passing the other.

Our outlooks not avoided

leaving our feeling in secrecy.

we do one thing…

mean the other…

and a mishievious grin forms…

it is hidden inside.


~ Julienne de Leon

Hanging with the Big Bad Wolf

Not really a big bad wolf, but now that I got your attention, I want to share some food for thought…

I realized I get tense in controlled environments.. I need to be free.. sometimes you just need the simplicity of a photo, one that captures the raw beauty and emotion… a moment in time between the subject and photographer in which your just a mere spectator.

Some photographers I’ve met claim to have artistic depth, do they? Yes I have used their photos for fun and to add to my port but I can’t fully appreciate them because some are just in it for the glory to be published for trade, or to be published in their own magazine. The Vegas market is saturated with the prime focus on over the top lighting, production and designs without photographers taking much time to practice their directing sensibilities and to comfort us. And at times,  I have  gotten final edits and they’re too Photoshopped and my face distorted to the point where I can’t even use them to submit for my own benefit, it’s false advertisement. My experiences have given me a larger appreciation for the true, un-airbrushed, natural light photography.

Hence, with Wolf, my latest photographer…  he brings forth an element missing in the Vegas industry… psychology, natural lighting, authenticity and a 35mm film. We spent an afternoon shooting in my apartment, eating kale chips and drinking thyme tea. I told him I appreciated his style, it carried a poetic essence, and how he kept true to his work. It’s a style where you have to be a bit shameless to appreciate it. It’s sexual, raunchy, fun and gritty. Nonetheless – it’s not Photoshopped and in his own words, he “see’s everyone as an icon.”