EDIA:: Cosmetics for Hair

The expert styling team of EDIA, www.ediapro.com, knows how to make hairstyling cool. It takes the right ingredients and artistic expression to develop a brand like this… Launched by D.J Riggs- creative director and celebrity stylist , Berry Bachen- colorist and industry veteran and Remyi Cole- chief brand engineer.

I was appointed as one of their models for the Cosmoproof event, a beauty trade show held at the Mandalay in July. Berry, was the first to kindly greet me, she wore an outstanding outfit, almost too daring for most Vegas girls who normally sport the same attire. You can tell she was from New York. She had on spiked black chucks, MC Hammer-type black pants, a loose white T topped with a heavy metal bolted necklace and her hair was a short bob sleeked to one side because it was shaved on the other.  Then I met DJ and Remyi at their black & white posh designed booth that resembled a salon/ bar. They all had styles unruly but awesome. I just knew it would be a great day and a great product at first glance.

EDIA, pronounced E.D.A, showcased 4 different styling aide products; a liquid light serum, a spray mist, moisturizing paste and a molding wax, each designed for a specific look.  Their portable case is perfect for the on-the-go type girl or guy and made brilliantly convenient for quick-change flexibility. The other model named Bre had a blonde spunky bob… DJ could literally style it with a cow-lick and the next hour as a spiked messy-do all with the liquid light serum cocktailed with the molding wax that helped give her hair an edge. For my hair, the moisturizing paste maintained my big flared out curls while the serum smoothed out my fly-aways without feeling greasy.  Truly impressive especially knowing I was in the hands of creative directors whom graced the pages of W, French Vogue and countless beauty and fashion shows.