Jewelry Fashion

I should start off with one of my first modeling gigs. It was at the JCK Jewelry Fashion Show coordinated by EDN Eventainment,, an event company based in India and run by a husband and wife team. They were fabulous and managed an awe-inspiring and cultured fashion event with Indian dancers, singers and musicians. I was truly in love with the fabrics and the Indian fashion and its culture in general. Us models showcased Indian jewelry down the runway with our long and heavy black gowns shipped from India. One designer named Sushma Patel,, who also designs for New York fashion week helped manage us and brought many of her designs as well. I helped the event planner staff a Makeup Artist, who came fully equipped with stations of makeup and 2 helpers. Her services were impeccable and I loved her Israeli accent. You can check out the MUA at  I was truly inspired by the passion in the people I worked with that day in June and I hope I get to work more events such as this one – with a high emphasis on fashion and art.

Working this event made me feel like I wasn’t in Vegas anymore as we weren’t surrounded by the typical Vegas crowd, and to be honest I loved that I was able to get-away from the clinging of casino slot machines, club wear and glittery stiletto pumps.