My First Lucky Rice Event

The Cosmopolitan Casino is one of the best playgrounds on the Las Vegas Strip AND holds some of the best mixologists in town. Not just bartenders that pour, but true chefs in cocktail creation.

On Saturday the 23rd of June, I worked the Lucky Rice Event ( at Cosmo’s Boulevard Pool exposing myself to this relatively new art. I was booked as a Japanese girl along with four others. We wore a modern blue kimono, had Asian inspired makeup, and hair up in a contemporary style.  And besides feeling like a piece of meat to the guys with extreme Asian fetishes, I learned something and appreciated something.

...She had big blonde beautiful hair and was tall with a genuine smile. She was concocting recipes for the new extension of Bombay Sapphire… Bombay Sapphire East with additional botanicals of Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese black peppercorn. ( And the drink I was to serve was called, Fit to be Thai’ed. It was delicious like a green smoothie, with a kick of 42% alcohol. It had aromas of a Thai Dish, with seasonal flavors like Thai Basil, Chili Peanut, Ginger Puree and Lime. People either loved it or were really confused of it. The 90% that loved the drink kept coming back for more, I couldn’t do my job in being a Japanese cocktail server because there were lines at the bar, each waiting for their turn, mesmerized by the way the blonde mixologist mixed the drinks. She said it was her recipe.  Plus she created drinks at the Chandelier Bar too, which is known for their fun and unique concoctions.

Besides promoting then unexpectedly loving that delicious green mixture of goodness, the event space held hundreds of foodies waiting patiently for the chefs to finish brewing their culinary creations. Their conversations consisted mostly of Asian food and cultural knowledge like a true connoisseur. Unlike other food festivals I’ve been to with under dressed people and cheap carnival rides, Lucky Rice targeted sophisticated and global-minded individuals in a classy outdoor environment and they attended with a purpose, an enthusiasm for Asian culinary culture.