Deja Soleil Swimwear

It was a long summer day in Vegas at an RV Park. But it was a good day.

I had alot of fun trying on Deja Soleil bikinis,, for their campaign. I was grateful to have something that fueled me enough to want to get up in the wee hours of the morning… and something that allowed me to show my versatility.

There seems to be more than enough bikini lines and start-ups out there, but there’s only a few in my opinion that truly stand out, one of them being this line. Not because I’ve helped to promote it, but because every swimsuit in this collection is classy, sexy with quality fabric and reasonably priced. Unlike some suits I’ve seen that use cheap material with sequences you can buy at Michaels stores that easily shake off. The Deja Soleil bikini’s not only has fun designs but its fabric possesses sheen, durability and it’s bouncy and thick enough to stand wear and tear. Deja Berkham, founder and designer, will gain more notoriety I’m sure, as a lot of thought was put into her swimwear brand. Wait till you see the rest of her collection. Hopefully her suits are in a store near you!