Hanging with the Big Bad Wolf

Not really a big bad wolf, but now that I got your attention, I want to share some food for thought…

I realized I get tense in controlled environments.. I need to be free.. sometimes you just need the simplicity of a photo, one that captures the raw beauty and emotion… a moment in time between the subject and photographer in which your just a mere spectator.

Some photographers I’ve met claim to have artistic depth, do they? Yes I have used their photos for fun and to add to my port but I can’t fully appreciate them because some are just in it for the glory to be published for trade, or to be published in their own magazine. The Vegas market is saturated with the prime focus on over the top lighting, production and designs without photographers taking much time to practice their directing sensibilities and to comfort us. And at times,  I have  gotten final edits and they’re too Photoshopped and my face distorted to the point where I can’t even use them to submit for my own benefit, it’s false advertisement. My experiences have given me a larger appreciation for the true, un-airbrushed, natural light photography.

Hence, with Wolf, my latest photographer…  he brings forth an element missing in the Vegas industry… psychology, natural lighting, authenticity and a 35mm film. We spent an afternoon shooting in my apartment, eating kale chips and drinking thyme tea. I told him I appreciated his style, it carried a poetic essence, and how he kept true to his work. It’s a style where you have to be a bit shameless to appreciate it. It’s sexual, raunchy, fun and gritty. Nonetheless – it’s not Photoshopped and in his own words, he “see’s everyone as an icon.”