Subjectification vs. Objectification

I'm appreciative of the business I'm in, because it's a creative outlet and it is admirable when you see someone who has embraced their brand and continues to push work for themselves. This market is extensive and projects can also be fun, and when you expose yourself to new bookings and diverse people it helps build your character. Yet what I'm not appreciative of is when someone turns around a professional job as something sexual. It's not what I ask for especially when I handle myself in a professional manner in a professional environment. It's a sad aspect when all I'm trying to do is network and grow. Yes, I know sex sells, and my photos can be risqué which may perhaps be the cause of someone to react a certain way, but it's all to show my versatility, body form, art and beauty. However, I feel my photos in general show an intelligence which should be respected because I've played around with a variety of poses and with each shoot makes me more confident in my demeanor and for that I'm grateful because I used to get severe anxiety around people. Whether at a photoshoot or not, I (we) shouldn't tolerate unacceptable behavior in a world that already seems to objectify women. I oppose to being treated as an object where men feel they can get something, rather than seeing me in a role of relational interplay.

I'll always take compliments with grace, but not looking to support this hookup culture that we already have.