Life's a Party!

It was pretty cool immersing myself in an environment tucked away from the world... I'm always surrounded by luxury so it's nice to go off the beaten path and get a lil' dirty once in a while, not to mention meet people from all walks of life and create friendships. Those are the perks of being a model, to create or book fun jobs for myself and promote for national or international companies. In this case, me and other models worked under MadVapes, the largest vape shop company, as their promotional models.

Sturgis, in South Dakota is a town full of quiet flat plains yet the loudest and largest bike rally in the world takes it over annually. They create a world that's like Burning Man meets Mad Max! Pretty surreal especially coming from a world like mine, with incessant EDM, raver girls in their flowery headdresses and tutus, champagne presentations from dolled up waitresses and in the case of lounge and dinner settings, people dressed to the nines. I work at a day club P/T by the way on the Vegas strip, so I'm always in a party atmosphere. Come to think about it, my life is pretty surreal too but it's still night and day from Sturgis. It was interesting to be in a grungy rock atmosphere (as I consider myself a pretty classy girl) and spot some apocalyptic style, Mardi Gras and of course biker fashion. We were fortunately with an amazing management and team that took care of us so us MadVapes spokesmodels were a lucky bunch with a luxury RV, BBQ setup, rooftop party decks, nightly VIP lounge deck which overlooked the amphitheater and its rock Gods. We had an experience like no other, as it was exciting to see the variously decked out choppers and bikes. And if you had no bike, then a golf cart lol. It was still transportation to say the least, and it helped us to roam around the massive campground while demonstrating our vape hardware and liquids. After each concert, you can hear the revving of the engines instead of people clapping too. I personally love the sounds of engines, so it was music to my ears.

There were some adventures we encountered as well such as parties hidden in campgrounds, meeting the Gibson guitar guys and handing out guitars from the main stage in front of 1 million people, playing music and singing songs inside RV's, zip lining, running through the mud after being attacked by hail through a Godsmack concert etc! Making memories such as these with great people always makes life fun as life should be something to cherish and to create special moments we can vicariously live through.

Make sure to check out the amazing MadVapes at and their specialty liquids - proceeds go to our troops so please support if you vape! Honestly, I think everyone who smokes cigs should quit and turn to vaping. No pollution, better health and you won't stink everyone around you!