Vegas Life...

Being a Vegas model I get easy access to events, get invited or get to work playing dress up. In this case I was working and supporting Hyde's XIV Baewatch themed party. I'd say Hyde is one of the top tier lounge clubs on The Strip. They throw the best champagne presentations, have an amazing view on the patio overlooking the Bellagio fountains, and while it can be a crazy party with people spraying champagne on each other from across the room, they can also throw elegant corporate parties with live music. 

It's been an incessant run of party lifestyle living, while I can be jaded every now and then, I can also be grateful and enjoy the easy pleasures. I'm sure many would kill to get the type of opportunities and gigs I'm offered.

We help create events that bring art, fashion and style to life for people who aren't as exposed as we are. As a prop, model, creator or image maker, we define today's creative culture.

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